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How Do I Create a Resume Without Work Experience?

How Do I Create a Resume Without Work Experience?

When using Louisiana Job Connection in your job search, the resume is the most crucial part in getting quality matches. But what if you don’t have work experience? No need to worry!

Our Resume Builder Tool is a free resource provided within Louisiana Job Connection to help you create a resume from scratch or to optimize your current one. The site uses O*Net technology which is a database containing hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors on almost 1,000 occupations covering the entire U.S. economy. The database is continually updated from input by a broad range of workers in each occupation.

We are walking you through a couple of scenarios on how to build a resume or speak to your unique work experience so that you’re able to find the right job.

Advice for Job Seekers With No Experience:

If you are just starting your career (whether as a high school or college student or other new entrants to the workforce), our tip is to list out in detail the skills you have accrued, whether through internships, classes, volunteer work, etc. Listing out internships, class projects or volunteer activities as work experience, and having a sentence or two detailing what you were responsible for and what tasks you did works best. This is what employers are going to be looking for when they review resumes in their matches.

In addition, education and certifications are very important in describing yourself.  Any certifications, online learning credentials, or similar that you have obtained should also be listed. Don’t forget skills! This doesn’t just encompass hard skills like computer programs or languages learned in school, but should include soft skills that could easily translate to the needs of a job such as communication, teamwork and time management.

Finally, make sure your resume directly correlates to the job you want. If there’s a specific job you are looking to apply to, try to include examples of those skills and your related experience and include them in the resume.

Advice for All Job Seekers:

Make sure that you are speaking the same language as the employer. These days, many employers are using an algorithm based applicant tracking system (ATS), especially larger companies or companies with multiple positions. This means your first impression is generally through a computer telling the recruiter you are qualified for a position, so unlike the days of yore, a recruiter is probably not reading every resume they receive and evaluating skills. Tools like the Resume Builder Tool on Louisiana Job Connection are incredibly valuable to the job seeker because the language your resume is built in is usually very similar to the language an employer would use to build their job description. In order to be considered, you have to be noticed first.

Advice for Job Seekers Looking to Switch Roles and/or Industries:

Going in a new direction after working in a certain position for a length of time can be difficult, but not impossible, to achieve. You may have experience, but the experience is generally not an apples-to-apples comparison for the position you want. In this case, you need to extrapolate the skills learned through your current experience that are directly related to the role or industry that you want. For example, if you were in a sales role with some marketing duties and want a more traditional marketing role for your next position, focus more on your duties and accomplishments related to the marketing tasks (perhaps working trade shows or creating social media content) rather than your sales numbers.

Your new career is a click away. Create your resume on Louisiana Job Connection today.