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Louisiana Job Connection Offers a New Tool to Place Veterans in Well-paying, Impactful Jobs

Louisiana Job Connection Offers a New Tool to Place Veterans in Well-paying, Impactful Jobs

In the military, servicemen and women receive the tools and training they need to fulfill their mission and perform at the highest level serving their country. However, for those separating from the military and entering the civilian job market, there can often be a lack of tools, training and mentorship that leaves a gap between their service to country and their ability to secure meaningful employment. In Louisiana, NextOp and Louisiana Job Connection work together to provide hands-on employment assistance along with special programs and tools to help place veterans in well-paying, impactful jobs.

Started in Houston in 2015, NextOp is a nonprofit veteran recruitment service that works with Post 9/11, E3 to E7 veterans who recently separated from service. This is the largest segment of the current veteran population comprised of individuals with skills that match up well with the construction, manufacturing and energy sectors. As of October 2018, NextOp has placed 85 veterans in rewarding, well-paying careers across the state, averaging $55K in salary.

While NextOp routinely uses Louisiana Job Connection to place veterans in jobs, the website recently took its efforts to the next level implementing a unique translation tool for military skills and career categories. Louisiana Job Connection’s Military Crosswalk + Resume Builder takes the work a veteran performed in the military and translates it into skills that match in the civilian sector.

“For years, there has been a gap upon leaving the military and trying to secure a civilian career,” explains Ben Armstrong, NextOp Louisiana regional manager. “For a veteran such as myself, this tool allows me to plug in my military code, 6312, and it shows me position titles in the civilian sector that line up with my skills and abilities. As far as I know, there’s nothing quite like it out there on a state level anywhere.”

The Military Crosswalk + Resume Builder translates military skills, training and experience into civilian credentialing appropriate for civilian jobs. The tool also identifies skill proficiencies that a service member can attach to a resume for specific jobs. Conversely, it also can help career counselors identify any gaps in their training and/or experience that need to be filled to meet their personal career goals. The tool also takes into account military rank and level of seniority to show if former service members are more prepared to enter the workforce as a manager or at an entry level position.

Louisiana Job Connection enlisted former service members like Ben Armstrong to use the Crosswalk tool when going through the initial review phase to test user interface, how it works and the accuracy. It passed inspection with flying colors and is available now on Louisiana Job Connection.

“I’ve been very impressed on how Louisiana Job Connection works and how they are supporting our servicemen and women across the state,” says Armstrong.

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