Heavy Equipment Operators - Gilchrist Construction Company

Apply here: https://www.gilchristconstruction.com/careers.

Work Scope:
General Summary: Operates various types of diesel- or gasoline-powered construction equipment to excavate, move, grade search, erect structural and reinforcing steel, and pour concrete or other hard surface paving materials

  • May spread and smooth dirt; drill holes and dig trenches; level and distribute earth; lift and move machinery, equipment, or materials; and excavate/move sand, gravel, clay, mud, coal or other materials

  • Powers on equipment; turns valves to control air and water output of compressors and pumps; adjusts handwheels and depresses pedals to drive machines and control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, and swing booms

  • Cleans, repairs and maintains equipment

  • Judges distances and slopes accurately; and makes decisions based on verifiable standards

  • The size of the project and organization of the work determines whether a worker spends all his/her time on one job or is transferred from task to task as the project progresses to completion

  • Some workers may transfer according to the availability of work or on a seasonal basis.

Work Environment:

Physical Requirements:

Education Guidelines: HS Diploma or Equivalent preferred

Experience Guidelines: 3+ years equipment operation experience

Knowledge Guidelines: Basic reading, writing, addition and subtraction skills. Ability to judge distances and slopes accurately; and make decisions based upon verifiable standards. Approved drivers must possess a current, valid US Class E Driver's License.

Heavy Equipment Operators - Gilchrist Construction Company

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